Brothers Printing • 2000 Euclid Avenue • Cleveland, Ohio 44115

Phone 216-621-6050 • Fax 216-621-4202

Brothers Printing is a business rich in family heritage. Nestled in the heart of downtown Cleveland in a turn-of-the-century building, the company exudes warmth that is sure to make anyone who walks through its doors feel as if they, too, are part of the family. That sensation is not coincidental. Owners Jay and David Kaufman said providing superior customer service was the mainstay of their father Ben’s business philosophy. “Our father believed that the customer came first,” Dave, company vice president, said. “There is a printer on every street corner, and we’re as good as the next one down the street. What we offer is service. He used to say that people came in as a customer but left as a friend. It’s a matter of people.” “We’re one of the few companies around that do not have voice mail,” Jay, president, added. “We want to give that personal touch. When someone calls, we want a person answering the phone, not a message that says press one, press two, press three. After you listen to all of the options, you forget what you need and you have to go back to the main menu.”


Brothers Printing’s craftspeople are proud members of CWA Local 4340 and GCIU Local 540 and have combined experience of well over 100 years in the graphic arts industry. So, let our professionals assist you on any project, large or small.


Please contact one of the brothers at Brothers Printing for a consultation on your printing needs.